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Check the vibe of any group with ease, from 2 to 200, with our anonymous live Q&A

🚀 Slickest audience engagement experience 🚀

More Flexibility. Less Restriction.

Everyone can submit and answer questions anonymously.

Visualize Vibe. Feel Connected.

A visualization of the responses that's both delightful to look at and quick to get insightful information.

Group vibes. AI insights.

Use three AI judges with different personalities to check the vibe for you!

✨ Web3 Community Voice Unleashed ✨

Create Web3 Group With Ease.

Simply filling group name and token address, support both ERC20 and NFT.

Check the Temperature Anonymously

From proposals to meetups, express your real voice anonymously because you care.

Seamless Token-Gated Sessions.

Every session is token-gated, just connect your wallet and we take care of the rest!

🥷 All Web2 Logins are salted 🧂 and hashed 🔒, meaning no body has access to your personal information and email address, not even the owner of the database 🤐

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